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Laveen collections has stretched its imaginative monarchy to introduce latest designs and prints as well as ready to wear collections. The designs and artwork are crafted according to each season’s fashion themes so that our customers are always at the top of fashion trends. We introduce our customers creative designs in high end luxury fabric brand specialized in hand embellished embroidery in chiffon, net and organza party wear. Our seasonal collections are also available in the same range of fabrics like fine quality of lawn, karandi and linin. At Laveen collection, we are constantly developing in an effort to keep our customer comfortable. Our vision is the customer should remain brand-loyal and no need look further for complete wardrobe solutions. Also, we are in the process of introduce accessories into our webstores.

Laveen collections is equipped with top team, with a disciplined atmosphere, real policies, well discipline in processes, and excellent crafting standards. Our in-house production operations include the process of designs, fabric selections, inspection, crafting, and sewing as well. Laveen collection is committed to familiarising new ranges to keep presenting customers a diversity. This is one trade label under which you will find an advanced understanding of aesthetics, making Laveen collection exclusive and in line with top luxury designer wear, but offering maximum value for spending.

We are in the process of introducing very soon our brand-new outlets in all major towns in Pakistan. Meanwhile we are only a click away with our website, Order now and witness the synchronization of the timeless beauty in the joyful clothes of Laveen Collections.


Our vision is to allow you to express and sense self-confident. To enhance your self-assurance and body positivity to help you realize your deserving potential.


Meticulously adorned with a hand-embroidered white Mukaish bridal dress , is more than just a gown; it's a living canvas, a masterpiece of devotion and craftsmanship. Each stitch in its intricate hand embroidery represents a labor of love, skill, and tradition.

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As we come together to commemorate Jashan-e-Ishq, we celebrate the boundless beauty and grace that love adds to our lives. Love, like this pink dress, is a myriad of emotions, a spectrum of experiences, and a vibrant, radiant force that colors your world.

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